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Leaf collector, missionary, artist. 23. Living in Tennessee but dreaming of the whole world.

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    Nassau, Bahamas. June 2004.

    Funny how these were taken ten years ago. I was fourteen and this was my first time out of the country, first time on a “missions trip,” first time being a minority, first time sharing my testimony. God was planting a few things. 

    Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

    Yusss. This album!

    From Wikipedia: “Sisyphus is the debut studio album from Sisyphus, a collaborative hip hop project consisting of Sufjan StevensSon Lux, and Serengeti. It was released on March 18, 2014 through Asthmatic Kitty. The project was commissioned by the Walker Art Center and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's Liquid Music series to accompany an exhibition of the work of visual artist Jim Hodges, scheduled to run from February 14 through May 11”

    From Me: “This album has been known to cause one or several crazy midnight solo dance parties in my bedroom. Don’t press play unless you’re prepared for some serious (smooth, groovy, occasionally profane) jamz.”

    Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd 2014

    Source Spotify

    A History

    The Lord and I have been going steady for a while now. We have a history. Our relationship is not the way it once was, with butterflies and racing heartbeats and sweaty palms and glistening eyes. The butterflies have settled and the pace has slowed to a steady, a rhythm of the everyday. What once was an exhilarating run, hair blowing, eyes wide open, now feels like a comfortable stroll, an after-dinner walk and talk, a casual saunter. Nothing has changed, but I perceive it differently. It’s a winding road, ever-changing and impossible to predict. This stretch feels like commitment. 

    But even in the longest stretches, there are bumps and curves in the road that jolt me awake or gently tap me on the shoulder, reminding me to listen, to search, to look with glistening eyes, and to see the newness of Who I am walking with.

    There’s a mystery to the way seasons of relationships change. I’m learning not to compare the former to what is here and now. I feel his familiar presence. I know him and I am known by him, as I have been and as I am and as I will be. I’m learning that this is what it looks like to be going steady with Someone who doesn’t change. It’s a winding road. This stretch feels like commitment.

    Posted on Saturday, April 19th 2014